Memory walk 2017 

We all know someone who s been affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia, whether it be someone close to you or someone who has a relative who were/are  sadly struck by it. Ours was grandad Hughes/my father in law. Grandad had a variety of illnesses and only b1&2 really got to know him before he sadly passed in 2011. The memory walk was a nobrainer for us, we wanted to do something worthwhile for his memory! So b1 and I took part last sunday(1/10) and here are just a few pics of our day 💙  Alzheimer’s affects all of us at some point. Alzheimer’s disease, named after the doctor who first described it (Alois Alzheimer), is a physical disease that affects the brain. There are more than 520,000 people in the UK with Alzheimer’s disease. During the course of the disease, proteins build up in the brain to form structures called ‘plaques’ and ‘tangles’. This leads to the loss of connections between nerve cells, and eventually to the death of nerve cells and loss of brain tissue. People with Alzheimer’s also have a shortage of some important chemicals in their brain. These chemical messengers help to transmit signals around the brain. When there is a shortage of them, the signals are not transmitted as effectively. current treatments for Alzheimer’s disease can help boost the levels of chemical messengers in the brain, which can help with some of the symptoms. Fundraising helps to find the right treatment and hopefully one day a cure 🤞🏻

Be part of something amazing, we did! 

Over&out 😘

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