Bullying? When enough is enough….

As a child I was never bullied in school,in fact I made it through all my childhood with not an ounce of attention….i was lucky! Some are not.

B1 however has had the worse time of it, since nursery she s been the target of bullying by 1 child… When their 4 you put it down to kids just falling out or not liking each other….right? Not this child! Punching,hitting,name calling….its vile.

B1 is now almost 11 and has had to deal with the same child every year since she was 4, countless meetings with teachers,head teachers and parents, yet still up until the beginning of the holidays she was still being bullied….enough is enough!

The first day of the holidays I reported the school to Ofsted and to the council, the school is in special measures already so not looking good, I applied for a different school for b1 and last week we were offered a place for her immediate start too! Alot of people have got something to say about me moving b1 in year 6 as its an important year but that exact reason is why I moved her!!! I could of just left her here in my 2 minute walk school with the other’s but I chose not to and yes its 2 buses away but you know what I’m her mother and she will not be a victim or another statistic………bring on her new journey!

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