Wonder broom from JML direct

We love working with JML direct here at buggyobsessedHQ and so could not wait for our product review delivery- The wonder broom!

Wonder broom is a veryyyyy versatile broom! We used it & tested it to the max and it does NOT disappoint!

We washed the windows with one side then flipped it over and washed the patio! We cleaned the bottom of the kids pool,washed my laminate flooring throughout the whole house,swept,dusted and even brushed the carpets! I cannot believe I have only just got one, its genius! We have a three bedroom house with hoards of windows and outside doors so costs a bomb to get our windows cleaned- not anymore!

This genius piece of equipment costs just £9.99! A true bargain at double the price!!

I not only recommend this to friends and family but to the world, we ❤it!

I promise you,buy one if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it!

5* from buggyobsessedHQ

Emma x

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