Frizzy ladies assemble please……..

Many of you lovely ladies with frizzy hair will understand my pain I go through every hair wash…. 

Huge, dry, Afro type frizz bigger than a decent perm! I feel the pain daily! I love my hair straight as do many of you so when I took the mother birthday shopping Thursday in Basingstoke we popped into Robert dyas(mother is a gadget hoarder) I see it, I ve thought about trying it but Β£40 is a lot for a brush right?…. Trust me no it’s not!! I brought it- the straightener brush from JML! 

OMG!!!! ladies you all need one!!! 

I don’t have a before pic but I’ll take one later, this took 10 minutes!! Silky smooth straight hair with no products either!! 

 Available from Robert dyas, Asda, wilkos and all other stores that stock JML! 

I promise ladies you will not regret it 😁😁😁😁😁 

Over and out!😘

Em xxx

(Disclaimer-: I purchased this item personally and was not asked for this review, it is my personal opinion) 

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