Mini-me blogger, princess Ellie’s first book review! 

Written in Ellie’s own words posted by mummablogger. 

Book title: echo come home 

Written by: Megan Rix

About the book: A puppy called echo gets lost but luckily they find him.

Like it or not?: I love this book because he is a good dog and it makes me feel emotional. 

The story is very sad as The puppy gets lost for a long time but I was happy in the end because he was found. He had an awesome adventure before he was found . 

I told my friends about my book and they want to read it too now so I lent it to one of them.

I would really really recommend this book! 


Age 10 

(First review so please excuse the shortness lol) 

2nd book review already on way! 

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