“Ding dong, Avon calling!……..”

Firstly ask yourself, “what does make up do for you?”. Does it make u confident, feel good, feel more attractive even?….. If you answered yes then you, like me are in the 63% of woman who wear make up to feel a change , unlike the 35% who say they wear it to look better?-how vain?! And so that just leaves 2% who simply didn’t know why they just wore it! 

I know that make up for me is definitely a confidence boost, I don’t like me without it (although it never happens on school run,I’m lucky if I get clothes on in time!) I think this is why I starting with Avon, makes others feel good too!

In the 3months I ve worked with Avon my make up collection has quadrupled in size lol I literally have a colour and shade for every occasion thinkable. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to start tweeting about my deals of the day and sharing with you why I love my job!! 

Remember ladies, we are all beautiful, with or without makeup (if only I could believe it lol) 

Stay tuned beauties…….

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