So sorry to my loyal followers……

I just want to say a few words about my lack of posts this past week or so we ve had a lot going on at buggyobsessedHQ amongst other things I recently lost a friend and fellow mummy in a tragic accident, she was so young and left behind a beautiful little girl who turns 1 on Monday, reading is in absolute shock and everyone is feeling the grief, we weren’t bestie s who spent everyday together but I ve really got to know her this past year as mummy s and fellow buggy addicts and she was the sweetest girl with the most love for her little girl she lived and breathed every second to be the best mummy to little Millie! She died a hero at the end by pushing little Millie’s pram out of the collision and for that she absolutely shows her love as a mummy!! I will always remember the laughs and conversations we had about our addiction and how we d have to find a new addiction after our baby s grew up. She didn’t deserve to go so young Millie didn’t deserve to lose a mummy and her family didn’t deserve to lose a daughter/niece/sister. RIP sweetie till we meet again xx

2 thoughts on “So sorry to my loyal followers……

    • It really does honey! Reading has absolutely pulled together and raised almost 18k for Lauren’s funeral and the rest a trust fund for Millie, it’s great being from this town it really is! I give my children an extra kiss and check every night since… My world!


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