Easter part2-Truly blessed πŸ˜

Let’s face it no one likes to upset their kids unnecessarily so I was a little worried to say the least when I decided to not give them any eggs yesterday! We got out of bed about half8 yesterday morning went downstairs made breakfast and sat watching cartoons like they normally do! B3 however wanted to know just one thing- has the Easter bunny been?! Yes of course he had, I’m mean but not that mean lol all the hampers were laid out on the dinner table and so up they got, their faces were truly excited to have the hampers(although I bet they thought there was choc in there) they each grabbed em went and sat back down together and opened!…..Not one word so far so I was pleasantly surprised. Are they really not bothered?? I’m not convinced! So I sat with them and explained why there was no chocolate this year and except for b4 everyone was really grateful!! Shock horror 😱 I feel bad underestimating them, but all day they were perfect! No complaints or moaning we sat and watched good dinosaur(was fab!) had lunch did an afternoon of crafts and then bath time came around so I sat them all down and told them how proud I was of them and their behaviour and so they were rewarded for that with a creme egg egg, and I ve never had such a great feeling about my children growing into mature grateful and giving little people! One proud Mumma signing off……….. X.

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