What do I want to achieve?…hmmmm

Someone recently made a comment to me about blogging, very clearly pointing out “you ve got 5 kids how do u think you ve got time for a silly blog?!”….. I’m not an obsessive blogger as my blog posts show, I don’t post loadsssssssss but I do post when I feel I need too! I ve spent most my mummy life with my children, I see a few adults on the school run but prodominatilly kids! My blog is nt going to be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s mine and I love it! I have so many followers who I can just connect to with a click of a button and that’s why I started blogging! I joke about my obsession to buggy s but it’s real and I know everything about every buggy I ve ever had and more I even got a job in mothercare once, so I have a knowledge I  can use to help! I also have 76 pink lining bags but don’t shout about it because buggy s are my passion! So when she asked me that question I simply told her “because I can”!………… I 💕 blogging and I love YOU my followers 😘

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