Let’s talk labours….

As labours go they can be a truly terrifying, especially first time round! B1 s pregnancy I was absolutely terrified I was 19 my first love left me after we found out, I was heartbroken! I didn’t know what to expect, the best advice I was given was my mum s “take the bloody drugs”! That told me it was gonna hurt like hell I was Petrified! At 42 weeks I went into labour at 12.45 am at my mums, rushed to the hospital and after begging for drugs I needed to push, at 1.11am my beautiful little girl was born after just 26 minutes and 2 pushes! A perfect first I reckon? Short lived though as b2 s pregnancy again was perfect, 12 days overdue i went in to be induced 😳 my waters broke at 11.45 pm and after no contractions I needed to push and at 12.04 am my perfect boy was born after 2 pushes! However my body laboured so fast and with no contractions my Β body went into shock and I passed out, after 35 minutes I came round to my beautiful boy on my chest! No one knew why it happened and so was put down to something that happened! Not long after I fell pregnant with b3 again a perfect pregnancy up until 37 weeks where I was found to have a severe kidney infection so with that I was admitted into hospital where I was placed on a drip. 2 days in and I went into early labour at 1.34 am I was rushed down to delivery suite where again I had no contractions my waters had gone and as they lifted me off the bed I needed to push, this felt the same as b2 s did and I was petrified, I was told to push when needed and with 2 pushes my beautiful boy was born at 1.45 am just 11 minutes later! Feeling not right I called for the midwife to help me and that’s when I passed out, they told me it was a one off! 20 minutes later I awoke to a room full of people, confused! At this point they were investigating why this happened and nobody had a clue! We went home not knowing. 18 months later Β b4 came along again a perfect pregnancy no issues however this time round I had consultant care, I had to be induced early to avoid the inevitable that was my troubled labours. At 38 weeks I went in to be induced, it was decided that I should have an epidural to calm my body, at 11.30pm my drop was put in place at was on full and to my shock the midwife told me I could push as I was fully dilated by 11.35pm after you guessed it 2 pushes my perfect boy was born at 11.38pm just a shocking 8 minutes after the drip was switched on! Truly amazing but scary this time round, NO SHOCK? why was this different? The consultant explained he believed I have palpable labours and my body doesn’t tell my brain I’m in labour and so baby pretty much brings him/herself into the world unannounced! What the f**k? At least we had an answer. We decided after my stressful labours that b4 was the perfect birth to end on!(πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚) then boom 3 years later beautiful b5 was conceived, I was truly scared and did not know what I wanted, I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason so we continued the pregnancy. A perfect pregnancy and no fear, at 38 weeks I was planned an induction for the 11th of November 2015, however our local hospital was dealing with extra emergencies from other maternity units and so was on a call in every 4 hours. Worried sick I would go into labour the next 4 days were so long until on the 14th November I got called in, finally! After a failed epidural and second one placed I had my waters broke at 0.09am and after what feels like my lucky number, 2 pushes my beautiful little FINAL princess was here, after just 6 minutes b5 was born at 0.15 am!!! My labours truly amazed me and my local hospital but they were truly amazing!!! Can any of you ladies beat my times?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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