“I’ll pm ya when I m leaving the house!”….

B2-3&4 are all dressed and ready for school, I’m changing baby, it’s quarter past 8 and we leave in 5 mins! Where’s b1?……facebooking her bestie!!! Yep 10 years old sat on my phone private messaging her bff!(on my Fb she doesn’t have one, same for her bff she’s on her mums)! I call her to get dressed,  her reply? “Hold on I’m just letting zozo know I’m leaving! I can’t just expect her to know I want her to wait for me, she’s not a mind reader mum”!…..😳 when, where and how did a ten year old become 16! I’m all for her talking to her bff but on fb really? When did fb become the norm for a 10 year old? I can only imagine the conversations in school, these girls are vulnerable and innocent and god knows how many of them have an account! It’s truly frightening, b1 will not be having one till at least 16 , yes I’m a mean uncool mummy but I live to protect my children! I d love to hear your opinions on this! TWEET @buggyobsessed16 and let me know what you as parents think……..

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