How i chose the name for my blog……..

Please get comfy and put your feet up, I’m about to tell you a little story about my crazy buggy lady obsession! 10 years ago I fell pregnant with my little girl(B1) absolutely unplanned, i was only 19 and loved my job earning my own money! B1 s dad was going through a divorce at the time so he never contributed to any kind of baby purchases! So with the knowledge that I would be doing it alone I worked my socks off to buy everything she needed, in turn she had the basic of everything including a cheap travel system! At that time I didn’t care that she didn’t have a pretty buggy, pretty girly stuff, I just cared that she had what she needed! 3 years passed, it was a very hard slog being a single mummy(as many will know) then one day I met what was then my brothers work friend scott. We got chatting , exchanged numbers and it all kinda went from there! 6 weeks into our relationship we found out I was PREGNANT! big shock as we were still getting to know each other, but we knew we loved each other and so were extremely happy! scott brought absolutely everything we needed for B2 I never had to pay for anything! I was being selfish for once and letting him look after us as a family although was very hard! B2 had the best of everything because daddy had a fab job! With the good wage came a good buggy as I couldn’t afford one for B1, so we went shopping!! First stop was of course Mothercare, where I found my first beautiful buggy, The quinny buzz! I loved it, wouldn’t let anyone touch it! That didn’t last long though as 10 months later….BOOM we re pregnant!!! B3 came along and so came what I thought was a dreaded double but in fact, I loved them! Only one caught my eye at the time and that had to be the Silver Cross pop duo! I fell in love all over again! Perfect for walking to the school run and back, double basket space for double shopping!! I loved that buggy till 11 months later we were (yes you guessed it) pregnant with B4! B2 was out of the buggy by then so duo was no longer needed so whilst pregnant with b4 I used another beauty that was a mamas and papas Frankie in mushy peas! As lovely as it was in everyway I knew the time would come for another double!!! This time round we shopped around we didn’t know what to get, then I came across the beauty that is a Bugaboo Donkey!! OMG I d never loved a pram like that before(crazy I know) but I couldn’t contain myself had to show it off!!! Sadly by the time b4 came along , B3 was walking and hated the donk!:-( I couldn’t believe it!! That didn’t stop me I threw it into mono and off I went! Being greedy and totally in love with Bugaboo I had to purchase another, in fact 2! I know some of you are probably thinking what a spoilt brat but I didn’t care I worked too so I could afford it! We added a bee and a chameleon to our family in the same week b4 was born! And there started the addiction , we went on to have 144 more buggies in these last 3 years! we decided B4 was our last so the addiction would end, and so I started to make an income from it, buying and selling immaculate 2nd hand prams all with 1 owner, ME! Everything going swimmingly we slowly died down the selling as b4 started walking( to my great sadness) so was no longer needed! Last February we attended a good friends 30th birthday also when 50 shades came out lol 4 weeks after the party we found out we we re expecting B5!!! completely shocked we prayed for a little girl to complete our family and so it happened 8 months later our final princess arrived! so yes my obsession is creeping back but for now whilst mummy s studying she will just use the peach in parma!!!………please don’t think im crazy, it could be a worse addiction!!!!

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